The King and I

I am a precocious 12 year old black girl impressively singing a gospel song on a television set. I am wearing a modest outfit made from a dark blue woolen type material. It has a high neckline. My hair is pulled back into a braided ponytail. I have backup singers behind me that silently curse my name. They think I'm a bitch and who the fuck does she think she is. That is because they are in their forties and going-nowhere-fast-bitches.

Josh Groban will perform after I am done. Not many people know this, but Josh Groban has a horse cock. I know this because I watched him suck his own cock once. It was, strangely enough, in a barn. Around a bunch of horses. The horses had cocks. And when I outwardly marveled at the length of the all the horses' cocks, he said, You ain't seen nothing yet, and he took off his Dockers and held his cock out next to each of the horses' cocks and sure enough, I hadn't seen anything yet.

Do you know that joke about the guys pissing off the bridge and one guy says, The water is really cold and the other guy tops him and says, Yeah and it's deep too. Well, I think Josh Groban could've been the third guy and he would've said, Yeah, it's cold, it's deep, and a whale just ate my dick and shat it out and now I have a whale stuck on my cock what do I do? Do you call 911 for this type of thing?

Anyway, so, after he compares his horse cock with the other horses' cocks, he says, do you want to see what horses can't do with their cocks? and i was like, nine, so yeah, of course i want to see what horses can't do with their cocks. So he gets down on the floor and lies on his back and then he bends at the waist throwing his knees up in the air and starts sucking on his own cock. I can see his asshole and balls as he does this and it looks like a mushroom sort of.

His cock is too massive to really get into his mouth so it bends like a crazy straw. His cock is charcoal black, like a negro's which is weird because Josh Groban is white. Anyway. He makes mumbling noises for a while with his cock in his mouth and sort of scoots his hips around like he is doing crunches or something. When he cums he gargly-sings something in Italian.

Then he got up and said, that didn't happen and he put on his pants and we left the barn.

Now I am watching Josh Groban play the piano and sing. He makes stupid faces when he sings. I look at his backup singers and they also look the same as mine; angry, bitter, with dagger eyes at the back of Josh Groban's head. If dagger eyes could kill, Josh Groban's backside would look like an arrow party that got crashed by a pirate-mob of daggers.

Josh Groban talks to the television interviewer about admiring and respecting Andrea Bocelli and something about a duet with him on the Grammy's. They have pleasant conversation and I sip my Coke. I am slightly annoyed the television interviewer didn't ask me any questions. Usually they ask me how old I was when I started singing or what singer I admire or look up to. This time, they just shuffled me off the set because 'We need to prep it for Josh Groban'. Whatever.

They ask Josh Groban to play another song 'after the break'. Somebody wipes Josh Groban's forehead and Josh Groban gets up and walks over to me with a smile that is supposed to mean, long time no see.

"You were great out there." he says.

"Thanks, so were you."

"Yeah, well...it's my job."

Hardy har har that's so witty Josh Groban.

I sip my Coke.

"Are you really doing a duet with Andrea Bocelli?"

"We did it already. It pretty much rules."

"You should do one with me...for next year...or I will tell everyone about what happened in the barn."

Josh Groban looked at me with an expression that is supposed to mean, you wouldn't fucking dare.

I looked him right back with an expression that was supposed to mean, I fucking would dare don't fuck with the bull, etc.

Then the producer came up and said, Josh, 12 seconds...

"Can we talk about this later?" Josh Groban says to me and I said sure.

Then Josh Groban played a song about loving a woman forever and how it was a precious gift. It was beautiful and poignant. I even saw the television interviewer lady crying a little.

As I watched him sing, making those ugly faces he makes, I thought about Josh Groban's black horse cock sitting coiled in his trousers and how I was going to sing a duet on the Grammy's with him this time next year.

I sipped my Coke.


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